Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) Training
Every year, The ADA Committee organizes training on alcohol and drug abuse. This is to educate students on the effects of drug abuse and how it can ruin your campus life. We always urge our students to take part in these sessions.

Criminology Students during Practicals
DeKUT offer both postgraduate and undergraduate courses in criminology and security studies. This course is ideal for those interested in cybercrimes, forensics and criminology. It is an interdisciplinary field which merges anthropology, sociology, psychiatry and law to explore the complexities of criminal behavior, punishment and victimization. A student develops the skills required to become a leader in the security, intelligence and crime-prevention areas in the public and private sectors.

DeKUT developing PPEs to combat COVID-19
The University partnered with Laikipia County Government to train innovators on mass production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to help combat the spread of Coronavirus.The partnership works on mass production of ventilators and hand sanitizers. The protective equipment’s are designed to protect the medics from contamination while handling patients and unlike most of the protective equipment offered in the market is cost effective and reusable.

Launch of Motorbike Pulper Machine and Mobile Agro-Processing Machines in partnership with Manufacturing on Wheels Ltd
Manufacturing on Wheels Ltd, an integrated agro-processing and trading start-up, and Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) launched a drive system that taps Motorbike’s power to drive a manual coffee pulper. The pulper can process up to 400kgs of cherry per hour. The technology will be rolled out in an ‘Uber’ format. Manufacturing on Wheels Ltd will recruit boda-boda operators to acquire the drive system and coffee pulpers to offer the pulping service at a fixed fee per kg to coffee farmers at home. The service will also include post-processing training and management, grading, pricing and sales coordination.

IFBT students showcasing their products such as yoghurt, chia products, during the ASK show

Muringato Primary School Facelift
As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility activities, The University allocated Kshs. 2Million to support the construction of classrooms at Muringato Primary School after determining that the physical facilities of the school do not adequately support the educational needs of the primary school students of Muringato and fail to meet the current standards of a modern primary school.
The construction of modern classrooms will improve the standards of infrastructure in the school and boost morale among the students and parents.

Vice Chancellor empowering the Youth at Kieni Technical and Vocational College
The Vice Chancellor urged the youths to take part in some of the projects and courses the University offers. The University will partner with Kieni Technical and Vocational College in providing value addition to start courses in leather technology and cosmetics at the college.